The North Face "Black Label" Rebrand Advertisement 

A rebrand for The North Face's "Black Label" aimed at the younger British audience placing The North Face in urban Britain. A student project from the University of Portsmouth, part of a Creative Media Technologies BsC Final Year Project "Attraction and Persuasion in Advertising: The role of promotional video in forming visual identities of menswear business".

This video was the main artefact for my final year project, It was a faux rebrand for my 'client' The North Face and their new venture into the UK streetwear scene "Black Label". The client wanted a visual identity that would appeal to the British youth and allowed me full creative control - her only restriction was to keep the video around the minute mark. The video had 3 shoots in different locations and I got the chance to experiment with equipment like dollies and LED light panels, I also got the chance to use After Effects and Premiere Pro in much more depth then previously and it was a rewarding process. 

Kevin Reading, Henri Gibson, Matvi Kosho, Solomon Taiwo.

3 Minute Wonder - Architecture 

A Documentary produced by myself and a team outlining the argument between computer aided design and hand drawn design in the world of Architecture. 

We were briefed with the task of replicating the format of Channel 4's 3 minute wonder series. 

Interested in different subcultures? the way people dress? and how it can relate to music? then this is the show for you! We will be discussing different subcultures within the UK and how some of them came about and if people still consider themselves to be part of a subculture.


Sub Cultured - Live Broadcast 

Throughout this team project I was a camera operator; both inside the studio and outside on set, I was also jib operator.